Rental Equipment


The BCGPA has the following pieces of specialized equipment available for rent.  Please contact the office if you would like more information about renting our equipment.

Bin Crane

The bin crane can be used for erecting bins on hoppers, new bin constructions or to move bins on new floors.  It can be moved easily by a 3/4 ton pickup with a ball hitch.  There are currently two bin


Pull Grader (converted grader)

The pull grader has been manufactured from a stripped down grader and can only be pulled by an agricultural tractor.  The pull grader uses include building roads; maintaining, building and repairing drainage ditches as well as general land leveling and yard maintenance.


cranes available for rent, one in the North Peace and one in the South Peace.

Other Equipment Available

  • Cat 60 Pull scraper
  • 12" Kello Bilt Disc
  • Kello Bilt Subsoiler
  • Leon Land scraper